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Entry #3

Something reapy

2010-08-17 17:27:21 by RandomStar

I just thought I'd let everyone who happens to read this post know I'm working on a cool project with a friend of mine, a story about Death and such. It's gonna be a lot different from what I've done before and hopefully quite different from most other things on NG. I've written the story and composed original music to it, while my friend will do the art. It will hopefully be out in september or october. I won't say much more, but it will look something like this:

Something reapy


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2010-12-29 10:46:40

I think it was front page worthy.

RandomStar responds:

Thank you very much! Let's see if others agree with you ;)


2010-12-29 18:58:25

Well done, you have got so much better.

RandomStar responds:

Thank you! Though this didn't require much animation talent, but maybe some other talents.