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Something reapy

2010-08-17 17:27:21 by RandomStar

I just thought I'd let everyone who happens to read this post know I'm working on a cool project with a friend of mine, a story about Death and such. It's gonna be a lot different from what I've done before and hopefully quite different from most other things on NG. I've written the story and composed original music to it, while my friend will do the art. It will hopefully be out in september or october. I won't say much more, but it will look something like this:

Something reapy

I wonder if anyone will ever read this anyway? But anyway, after - how long is it? 1,5 years? 2 years? - since my first and, up until now, only flash submission to this site, I'm finally MAYBE going to submit another one. I'm currently working on something, but whether I will submit it or not depends at this state of the process entirely on my ability to animate squirrels. At the moment I'm hopeful, but we'll just have to see. I can gladly say that I'm completely satisfied with my ability to animate falling meteors, so that's always something I guess. Anyway (oh, the third "anyway" in this post), I'll be doing my best!

Here's a little artwork of a squirrel, which I think looks acceptable as it is, at least from a cartoony point of view. So, if I can just make this fellow move properly I might have something here. Cheerio!

Oh hey, I'm making another post


2007-08-20 09:58:40 by RandomStar

My only flash submission sucks. Anyways, I'm working on another, a sprite movie as a matter of fact, I'm gonna try that on. No particular reason for this post, I just felt like making one.